Company Framework

Before getting involved it is important to understand the framework of Pepperbird Finance and the drivers. We are a pre-revenue company focused on building Pepperbird brand and developing infrastructure during this market period.

This means that transaction volume within AMM may be lower than other tokens. Our current capital expenditures are focused on product developing and driving marketing and engagement around those products as they come to the platform. That means we do not actively engage in marketing activities to create artificial buy demand. Our outlook is long-term with a full core of products developed and on the market prior to Q1 2024.

Our Typical Token Holders

The type of holders that we attract are ones that realized that the current market price may be undervalued against future potential. They are typically long-term holders who feel that they can get a very strong future ROI based on the track record of the executives and the integrity of the company. They understand that the token is a revenue distribution product of the company and will not be the only or primary revenue source.

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