How Gasless Works

Using "gas" refers to the user's requirement to have a set amount of BSC in their wallet to fund the transfer of tokens from one wallet to another.

The PepperBird Token can be transferred to another entity in what is referred to as a gasless transaction. This bit of magic is possible via EIP-2612, which in essence provides the ability to have signed approvals.

When accessing our dApp in conjunction with your wallet, you can send transactions to others without the added fee for gas. In addition, all interaction with our applications and supporting applications will be gasless.

What happens behind the scene is when our token transacts with Web3 sites and contracts that support this protocol, it allows your transaction to approve someone else to pay the gas fees—namely us.

We do this because we want to reward our holders and make the user experience interacting with our token painless. So maybe a better way to think of it is "Your Gas On Us!".

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