JenFin Application

The JenFin App is our financial management application that is currently underway. The project started with just a fiat focus, but as we became more engaged in the crypto space, we felt an unmet need in the financial management of crypto assets.

Our applications look to tackle the challenges that many of us face in this expanding financial market, especially as we become more involved in Defi:

JenFin aims to solve and make less time consuming

  • Merging of fiat and crypto metrics to see complete financial picture

  • Your ability to track staking pools profit and loss

  • Understand at a glance how your LP stakes are doing and where the risk may lie

  • See your complete crypto portfolio across multiple chains and multiple wallets

  • Easily track what, who and where is taking fees

  • Use historical data to understand if those reward tokens are providing value against their dividends

  • The ability to view your crypto and fiat financial health side by side

  • Make budget based of a more comprehensive data

  • Prepare for taxes (US based holders)

Our team has taken a modular design approach where base functionality goes live. Each additional feature comes online as features are added; an overview of how they work and the utility they provide will be updated here.

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