Pepperbird Initial Token Supply Breakdown

Pepperbird Token is different from some others. We are structured with a realistic business model for growth. Our token drives product development under the Pepperbird Finance umbrella, distributing profits back to the token holders and reinvesting in the business. There is a saying "it takes money to make money", in order to continue to provide a steady stream of revenue to our holders, we must stay ahead of the curve by developing innovative products for the ever-changing and expanding market.

Each section below will be managed out of publicly viewable wallets.

18% - Founders & Team

This distribution does not receive reflections and is locked in a third-party wallet for two years after token launch and will be released in percentages over a six-month period. Our core team focuses on working hard, providing viable products, rewarding token holders, and rewarding our efforts later. Many of them are behind the scene providing services and support in preparation for our launch for free. We cannot hope to have wealth distribution to our holders at heart without also rewarding our team.

15% - Marketing & Development / Operations

This distribution is part of the operating cost of doing business; used to fund much-needed marketing, technology infrastructure, research, app development and to keep the business running. Our operating budget is then sustained via 1% of the transaction tax.

Pepperbird Finance is a US-based business operating under an LLC in North Carolina. This brings up certain legalities such as taxation, employment, and crypto accounting that are not altogether clear. This is set aside to deal with such legal considerations as they occur.

25% - Burned

42% - Allocated to private sale and presale

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